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Journey to Loliondo`s magic man

March 14, 2011

From the few hundred meters, the dusty village of Samunge with dilapidated infrastructure, but home to a magical healer, could easily have been mistaken for Africa’s biggest open market or those crowd-pulling evangelical crusades for the visitor who arrives at this village for the first time.

Behind this crowd there are hundreds of vehicles in a queue, all waiting for passengers who have traveled thousands of kilometers to drink the miracle herbs from a tiny cup.

But, the tiny village was neither Africa’s biggest market nor an evangelical crusade by Reinhard Bonke, Billy Graham or Benny Inn. Inside this village lives a humble man turned ‘a celebrity’ in a blink of an eye, thanks to his alleged magical healing herbs revealed to him by the Almighty God in a dream.

Helicopters are reportedly flying Loliondo airspace frequently in the northern tourist circuit to land at the remote Samunge village, located about 400 km from Arusha city.

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Journey to Loliondo`s magic man

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